Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gift Ideas for Kayakers - Equipment, Accessories, Gadgets

When choosing a gift for kayaking enthusiasts, shoppers are faced with an overwhelming a variety of kayaking-related gear.

This list includes several equipment categories as well as examples of products from each category:

Storage and Transportation - car top carriers, loading mats, straps, trailers, bungee cords, security cables, locks, skirt, kayak covers, dry bags,waterproof pouches for electronic devices

Clothing - kayaking shoes, boots, waders, hats, eyewear, water resistant pants, shirts, gloves

Navigation - compass, charts, GPS

Convenience - hi tech towel or chamois, bucket or tub, zipper bags, pliers, knife, fold-out seat cushion

Fishing - gripper, pliers, de-hookers, rags-towels, stringers, nets, rods, rod racks, lure assortment, lure organizers, tackle bags, live baits

Gadgets - cell phone, camera, PLB, fish finder, satellite messenger, trackstick, VHF-wx radio

Safety - personal flotation devices (PFDs), paddle lanyards, hand pumps, bladders, anchors, rope, d-rings, clevises, grapnel hooks

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