Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Kayak Maintenance

With spring underway, Mid Atlantic kayakers are about to start their busy season. Now is the time to do a quick inspection and prepare kayaks for the upcoming paddle sports season.

Most kayaks are due for a wash and rinse, which helps rid craft of insects, spiders and winter debris.

A hull inspection is always a good idea. Checking the hull for deep gouges, cracks or other faults takes just a few minutes. Kayak hardware should also be checked, including fasteners for any accessories.

Finally, safety equipment should be inspected. Flotation devices should be inspected for tears, rotting or other damage. If in doubt, replace damaged or old equipment.

Spring is also a good time to check any kayaking-related equipment. Vehicle carriers and their straps should be inspected prior starting the season.

For kayakers that rely on electronic devices, now is the time to replace batteries in hand held GPS units, marine radios or other devices. Fish finders should have wiring inspected for corrosion or damage.

Last but not least is fishing tackle. Reels may need new line, lubrication and a rinse. Rod guides should be inspected and any broken or cracked eyes replaced.

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